Aird - Shore Fishing NE Skye

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North of Staffin is Aird, this requires a not inconsiderable walk in over cliff edges and steep grassy slopes so caution is advised especially in wet weather.

The water here is deep straight from your feet and is crystal clear on a calm day. Best fished on small tides as there is a heavy tiderun past the headland. Fishing deep here with jellyworms and spinners will produce good Pollock and Coaley up to double figures along with Wrasse to float fished ragworm and limpet. Fishing on the bottom here will produce Ling, Cod, Conger and Spurdog. Best fished with a 7oz grip lead and a 6/0 pulley rig using fish baits or squid. Due to strong tides and kelp the area can be snaggy so a rotten bottom setup is advised.

Whilst fishing from here in the past we have seen a Leatherback Turtle as well as Minke whales. Keep scanning the horizon towards Torridon and you might even see a submarine surfacing.

To get to Aird you continue up the A855 past Staffin and Balmaqueen until you see a signpost for Aird on your right hand side, taking this turn off will lead you up to a parking area overlooking Kilmaluag bay. From here you simply walk to the beach and follow the path on the left side of the bay to the headland.