Am Basteir - walk C Skye
Lay-by at Sligachan on the Dunvegan road

Postcode / Grid / GPS: NG484296

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Am Basteir ('The Executioner') is a spectacular peak at the back of Coire Basteir, in the centre of the famous view from Sligachan. It's ascent is an airy scramble but the whole walk is spectacular.

NOTE: The footbridge over the Allt Dearg near Sligachan at the start of this route has collapsed. It may be possible to ford the stream higher up but this could be impossible in spate.The ascent of Am Basteir is a slightly unnerving scramble with difficult route finding. The remainder of the walk is easier but has steep scree.

Long -6.1769; Lat 57.2891

Distance: 14 km

Grade: 5

Time: 6 - 8 hours