Brochel Wood - wildlife Raasay
North end of Raasay

Postcode / Grid / GPS: NG 585 464

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Brochel Wood is a planted, conifer forest which is being harvested at the moment. It will be encouraged to regenerate with native, broadleaved trees rather than being replanted.

A walk goes from the woods to Brochel Castle. There is also another (long distance) walk to Screapadal (cleared village) which then continues to the south of the island. There are fantastic views across to Applecross.

Whilst on the track to Screapadale you can see otters along the shore, also seals, porpoises and other sea mammals. Red deer are around here too!

Brochel is a good place to see herons and sea birds, keep your eyes peeled for the eagles too!

You can see the Pearl-bordered fritillary in Brochel Wood.