An Corran - historical site NE Skye
Off the A855, Staffin, Trotternish

Postcode / Grid / GPS: NG 491 686

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An Corran may be the oldest human site on Skye being Mesolithic (7000 – 3000 BC). The first arrivals on the north west coast were bands of hunter gatherers known as MESOLITHIC (Greek meso = ‘middle’ and lithos = ‘stone’ or Middle Stone Age peoples. Here can be found a SHELL MIDDEN (a huge heap of food debris consisting mainly of sea shells). The site here at An Corran has been dated to around 6500 BC.

On the beach at An Corran, Staffin, you are able to see footprints left when a family of dinosaurs walked across the sand some 165 million years ago! They were Ornithopods, herbivorous creatures who walked on two legs. The footprints are best seen after a winter storm as they are often coverered, by the sea at high tide and by sand in the summer.

Lat 57.637257; Long -6.205424